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We are a London luggage shipping company, offering baggage shipping services from the Great Britain (UK) to international global destinations worldwide.

Our baggage shipping services are designed for traveller with additional, extra luggage, those who may be in excess of the airline baggage checking allowance and are seeking a solution for shipping excess baggage overseas, thus allowing the traveller to ship their luggage ahead to their destination.

When you utilise services of a London baggage moving company like ours, we provide services by shipping your luggage, suitcase’s, and boxes of personal clothing and effects by collecting from your door in London and have them shipped overseas by air cargo, delivered to your arrival airport or to your door overseas.

It can be cheaper and more cost effective to send baggage with us than to pay airline excess baggage charges. We offer variant luggage shipping service’s to suit your baggage moving, relocation budget. Our overseas baggage removal, Excess Luggage service from Central London, North London, East London, South London and West London, and Greater London have helped many people including business and private individuals to relocate from the UK, England, Scotland and Wales to major International cities around the world with baggage shipping services.

About;  Shipping Luggage from London

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